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We provide and customize Act! CRM (automated contact tracking, contact relationship management ) database solutions throughout New Zealand. Act! continues to be the # 1 selling CRM in the WORLD and has been for over 25 years!

We simply LOVE Act! CRM and get a real kick out of creating the perfect solution to suit your business needs.

So much so that in 2010 when BizBuilders Limited was approached by the "Act Today" Franchise, the largest resellers of Act! in Australasia we said "yes!"

Why Act Today?

We had always been diligent to provide our clients with the best customized solutions for their business. We had set the standard for customization pertinent to each businesses need for Act!

Keeping up with the changes in technology is always a challenge. Joining Act Today gave us extensive technological resources at our disposal.  Act Today @ BizBuilders now has the ability to create whatever solution your business needs. It’s like having hundreds of years of support along with over 15 other Act! consultants all working for you!

What Does This Mean ?

We now have the ability to implement Crystal Reports, fully customized programming, and any other functionality you can think of into your Act! database solution. As technology changes so does Act! You can be confident you have a system that will always stay current with the latest technology!

Act! Awards

We are proud to say that we won the prestigious award of "Business Partner of the Year" for 2012 and that Act Today has consistently won the "Act! Business Partner of the Year" award since 1996.

We are simply the BEST!

Our clients

We are not limited to any area, size or shape! Our clients are located all throughout New Zealand. and  include: the Northland Chamber of Commerce, Platinum Homes Franchise, business coaches, property valuers, restaurants, event management, real estate agents, manufacturers, distributors, maori trusts, marine industry, creative arts, accountants, financial services, publishers, tourism, cleaners, concrete cutters, printers, marketing supplier, security companies and so the list goes on.

We can help you! Whatever your business CRM needs - 1 user or more, we can help! Our forte is in understanding YOUR business needs and building the perfect, easy to use system for you!

Is Act! cost effective? Stu Andrews of NZ Plumbing and Solar answers this beautifully " Ii's a small price to pay for what I want to achieve going forward!"

We now also provide support contracts and web based applications. Please ask!

How do I Find Out More?

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We were recently described by one of our customers as "Business Consultants With Tools!" We believe that Act! CRM software is the best way to have today’s technology working for your business.

We emphasize working smarter not harder. So we endeavour to provide, customise, install and train your staff on the perfect Act! databse solution designed to work just for you!

In today’s environment business has become far more competitive and the importance of having good customer and prospect information at your fingertips is essential. CRM systems are now a necessity for organisations both small and large. Small organisations benefit from doing more with less personnel, increasing productivity.  Larger organisations have this benefit while also being able to track, report on and manage all facets of their business through a great networked solution.

Technology has developed way beyond paper-based methods, spreadsheets and e-mail systems where you spent too much time looking for scattered, misplaced or lost information. Meeting deadlines and handling all the necessary details are urgent priorities for you. Coordinating sales or sales teams, tracking contacts from suppliers to potential sales, determining critical reporting requirements for business activity or driving marketing campaigns are crucial to your business success. Having an effective contact management tool is vital to maximise business productivity and profitability. Act! is the answer!

We are excited about the new applications for iPad, iPhone and Androids now built into Act! Premium

Add-on programs and peripherals make Act! not only the #1 CRM in the world but also the most expansive and versatile CRM in the world!

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